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Dirk Schütz

Dirk Schütz

sea freight and container transports

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Air, land, water

Globalisation with its worldwide markets, the international forwarding agency traffic and the quicker and quicker handling of cargo leads to the fact that the streets or railways as transit ways are not enough to cope with the ever rising demands of the market. For a future-oriented forwarding agency, the transportation of goods via water or via air must come as natural as any other transportation method.
Your goods are always regarded as “first class passengers”. We look after the establishment and care of contact with banks, consulates, chambers of commerce and the air-freight companies to guarantee hassle free shipping. NT Hafenspedition opens up the whole world to you. From the Bavarian Forest out to the world: The harbour of Deggendorf reaches all important European seaports and inland harbours via the Rhein-Main-Donau-Kanal. And from there the seven seas. Another advantage is the connection with the Eastern European markets: Via the Danube we can reach Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and even the Black Sea.

  • Daily bulk shipments and individual transport
  • Partial and complete charter
  • Customs services
  • Continuous status information
  • Sea-air traffic and Air-sea traffic

Inland waterway transportation

  • Between Rotterdam and the Black Sea

Ocean traffic


  • Via the north and south harbour

Transport goods

  • Mass goods
  • Container goods
  • Single goods
  • Heavy goods