TEAM Conventional goods

Conventional, but different than normal

Already with the regular transport of goods, NT Hafenspedition demonstrates its commitment to offering an extraordinary selection of services: Our experts for conventional goods first advice you with the choice of the right vehicle. If required, we can make available the staff and equipment for the quick and easy loading or unloading. Afterwards our managing clerks select the best possible route. The transport will be supervised constantly as to guarantee punctuality and reliability. Each of our experts have decision making authority and can operate fast and react or – if it is necessary – come up with alternatives.
We give our best to carry out your conventional transport perfectly. This is because ordinary service is not good enough to us.


with 34 euro storing positions, 13,64 m

Vehicle equipment

  • Edscha sliding roof
  • Curtainsiders
  • Tailgates with hinged stanchions
  • Without tailgate but with sliding posts
  • Pallet box
  • Coil through
  • Tension straps
  • Option with 1,5 m overhang
  • Inner width with up to 2,55 m
  • Inner height with up to 2,70 m
  • Air spring

Transport goods

  • Timber
  • Chipboard
  • Steel products
  • Building material
  • Steel-Coils
  • Electronic elements
  • Recycling materials
  • Pallets with food, agricultural goods or turf
  • Machines and components
  • Components fort he automobile industry