Inge Helbing

Inge Helbing

Dispatcher Charter

direct dialing: +49 (0) 991 / 371 70-40
fax: +49 (0) 991 - 37 17 08 40
mobile: +49 (0)175 - 597 77 39

Big, bigger, NT-Spezialtransport

Excess width, over-length, extra heavy, generally no problem:
With all necessary special approvals and a fleet of special vehicles we move nearly everything that fits the streets. So that everything runs off smoothly, we assume responsibility for the whole execution of your special transport.
From loading up to unloading, from routing up to the positioning of escort vehicles, we use our competence and turn a special order transport to a routine – no matter how big, heavy or wide.

With a special transport, turn to our specialists!

Plateau and semi-trailer

From 13,60 m to 21,00 m

Vehicle equipment

  • Permanent permission for 3 m excess width
  • Permanent permission for 3 m over-length
  • Side panels removables
  • Pluck stakes
  • Chain pull, tension belt
  • Cover

Transport goods

  • Construction timber (Glulam, roof framework, wooden construction)
  • Concrete elements (manhole ring, balcony plates, concrete ceilings)
  • Steel (Long steel, rebar, reinforcement mat)
  • Container
  • Ready elements